Metaversus 2nd AMA Review

6 min readJun 27, 2022


Hey guys! welcome to the second edition of Metaversus AMA!

Due to the rapid development of the block GameFi play, the number of GameFi in the market is increasing day by day, and players and investors need more supporting services to help them choose better game projects in order to get higher economic returns while playing games, so the market demand for Gamefi aggregation platform is getting stronger and stronger.

Of course, the future development of GameFi needs more market precipitation, so we also invite the head of Metaversus community to share more ideas and the future development of Metaversusu.

Let’s welcome Jack, a representative of Metaversus in this issue, to talk to us about his thoughts


Hello everyone I’m Jack, first of all, I will briefly introduce the current trends in the GameFi industry to help you go deeper into the future direction and goals of Metaversus.

From 2017 to 2022, many startups and capital have flocked to the GameFi track to accelerate the expansion of the chain game market, causing the market volume, funding volume, and number of participants in the space to soar dramatically.

There is also a growing number of users in the chain game space, and we have found some relevant statistics that as of 2021, there are 1.4 million unique active wallets interacting with GameFi every day, accounting for 49% of total industry Dapp usage, and GameFi accounts for 20% of the NFT transaction volume ($23 billion) in 2021. Of course, along with 2022, GameFi has also led to more development, including the Web3 linked reality for the public good play led by Stepn, once again driving a new round of market boom and future GameFi direction thinking.

Metaversus is also focusing on the GameFi market, but of course it is more about providing better services to tens of millions of players, after all, the development of a new industry needs more supporting infrastructure to meet the diversified needs of users. Tens of millions of GameFi players, open GameFi a basic service facilities.


Well Said! Let’s start with the first question of the day , GameFi is the mainstream trend of future interaction and GameFi is developing well, so what kind of services will Metaversus provide to gain the attention of market users?


This is a good question, GameFi is based on Wbe3, in fact, it is not like the traditional APP needs to download to participate, that is to say, you can directly open this GameFi. but do you consider a problem: APP can be directly downloaded from the project website, but the App Store is still hot.

Then the reason for it is the security issue, whether this software is green and safe, and it is very difficult for you to find different sites, and it is very easy to catch the eye of other imitation sites, which is very dangerous.

Of course, in the GameFi field, we face the same problem, so a GameFi aggregation platform is very necessary.

Metaversus provides users with a clear entry point to GameFi and related categories such as RPG, FPS, etc. You can very easily find your favorite games, including the latest dominant games launched in the market, learn about them earlier and participate successfully to get the lucrative rewards that accompany the market growth in the early days of GameFi.

This is the basic service, Metaversus contains information, NFT market, NFT staking, analysis tools and other more detailed services, all of which can help you better Play to earn.


There are thousands of GameFi on the market today, how can Metaversus help players to screen them?


There are indeed many GameFi in the market, conservatively speaking there are indeed thousands of them, and many players are exposed to higher risks when they participate without understanding the situation. After all, not every GameFi will be like Axie, Raca, Stepn, which will bring hundreds or thousands of times more wealth.

Metaversus will establish a very large number of GameFi studios and GameFI analysts to cooperate, gradually improve the interpretation of each model of GameFi, and play strategy, the complex economic model design, in a simple way to express, so that each player at a glance: whether to participate? When to participate? How to participate? Each player can think more rationally and achieve a safer and more stable Play to earn.

Of course, you can also discover market hotspots through information, gradually grow into GameFi industry experts through analysis tools, go deeper into the industry, or even become the industry’s KOL or lead the GameFi industry to achieve innovation, which is all great.

Moderator:It is understood that one of the major functions of Metaversus is to provide users with comprehensive and professional gamefi information. But we all know that some blockchain industry websites also provide relevant gamefi information, so why do we need to do this service?


Yes, Metaversus serves global gamefi users with the most comprehensive and up-to-date gamefi information.

Although there are some comprehensive blockchain information websites providing gamefi information, most of them only have one section or one column, and the content will be overwhelmed by other information, so users cannot quickly access the gamefi content they want to read. Metaversus specializes in gamefi vertical information services, and we aggregate the most valuable gamefi information from all over the web. Through Metaversus, users can quickly learn about games, quickly play games, get relevant data rankings and other professional information.


In addition to that, the core of Web3 is social, so is there any relevant feature design about social Metaversus?


Yes, the bottom layer of Metaversus is built on the community DAO, including the functions of content publishing, forwarding and getting Versus rewards, and it becomes a communication community gathering gameFi players.

Users can discuss game tips, share game experience, and suggest game optimization to the project through MetaVersus, etc. Moreover, users can participate in the construction of the game community, and even influence the direction of game development and operation, instead of being just an ordinary player.

Metaversus provides game players and creators with the ability to participate in the decentralized GameFi ecosystem. Players are free to participate in an immersive game operation mechanism where they have the right to create value in the form of “platform tokens” and NFTs that are distributed among stakeholders through a robust economic model called token economics.

Metaversus enables GameFi to interact with every user, aggregating values and achieving interoperability of information that cannot be achieved by a single GameFi. metaversus, with its convenient pass-through economic channel, can better facilitate the exchange of game assets, the realization of game values, and the empowerment of game economic values.


So the next question will be more relevant, how does Metaversus, as an aggregation platform, contribute to the overall prosperity of the gamefi industry


Unlike the limited role of individual GameFi projects to promote the industry, Metaversus is doing a whole GameFi platform. If we benchmark crypto assets, we understand that if a single GameFi is a project of crypto assets, then Metaversus is the Binance of the GameFi world, on the other hand, like the GameFi version of app store, providing services to hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

Cryptocurrency has built a $100 billion miracle in the crypto world in just four or five years, and in the current GameFi world needs such a platform to accommodate all GameFi projects, and Metaversus is the one most likely to become a $100 billion GameFi platform.


What is the vision of Metaversus and do you have any goals for the future?


Metaversus’ vision is to become the world’s leading gamefi platform, bringing together tens of millions of global digital asset providers and gamers in a unified GameFi ecosystem. As our platform grows, we expect to soon see thousands of guild members playing the most popular money-making games. It may even be that in the future, by connecting the eSports and DeFi communities, we will revolutionize gaming and create unprecedented opportunities.”

Metaversus will surely become the world’s first gaming platform vertically in the GameFi space, integrating wallet, community, and information. metaversus is compatible with many block GameFi plays and aims to reach deep cooperation with thousands of industry quality block GameFi plays, international KOLs, famous IPs, gaming guilds, and more.

Metaversus is committed to making game assets flow freely, uniting global high-quality block GameFi plays, KOLs, famous IPs, game guilds and other powerful partners in a joint effort to let traditional games and users join this new era, allowing game assets to flow freely and helping hundreds of millions of players better enter the Wbe3 era of play to earn.



MetaVersus - your digital playground as it is built as a One-Stop GameFi application platform.