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9 min readJul 8, 2022


The development of blockchain has given rise to GameFi and a strong Play to earn game economy. With the rise of cryptocurrency and NFT, Play to earn games are becoming more and more popular. Previously, people paid to play video games, but now, many gamers are choosing GameFi for a more exciting gaming experience and the ability to earn significant rewards while participating.

“GameFi” dates back to November 2019, and we’ve seen a more precise exploration of GameFi in projects like “ CryptoKitties” on the Ethereum network. In just two years, GameFi has gone from emerging to exploding, attracting the attention of many users and investment institutions, and hoping to go on to become a kind of normalized economic system by giving back to reality, such as advocating environmental protection and healthy lifestyles through games, which plays a very important role in the future development of GameFi.

So, this also derives the development of GameFi portal. We know that portal is essential in the Internet era, so what kind of changes will GameFi portal bring to us?

Let’s welcome Jack, introduce us to the professional GameFi portal — Metaversus. of course, we set up a prize quiz activity after the AMA, draw the question to get the platform Genesis NFT — Metaversan’s whitelist, of course, the specific rights and interests of Metaversan will be introduced in detail for you later.


Next we welcome Jack, introduce us to Metaversus, including some of its core features


Metaversus built GameFi one-stop portal under the wave of Web3 trend, providing global users with gamefi portal, information, airdrop, NFT trading, strategy tools, etc. It focuses on helping players and investors discover quality innovative blockchain games and NFT crypto asset investment opportunities.

Its core function is to help people discover the advantages of GameFi. Although the current market sentiment is relatively low, it will not fundamentally affect the development of GameFi, but rather lower the threshold of user participation from a sizable perspective, so people’s emotions do not need to be overly negative.

As an example, and also the real feeling of most users in the market, for example, Axie, Raca, Stepn and other popular GameFi, only when it explodes the market, we are found, and due to the factors of the game itself economic system, when it has a very high volume, often has a high threshold of participation with a certain wind, which is not friendly to GameFi This is a fantasy that almost every player has had, so a quality GameFi portal will effectively address the needs of tens of millions of players.

Of course, in addition to the simple GameFi portal display and recommendations, we will gather important GameFi news and selected reports so that players can get the most valuable information in the market in a short time. This includes important events such as debuts, IDOs, internal tests, etc. Of course, the platform will also fight for many IDO credits and NFT airdrops to reward Metaversu users and Metaversan holders.


Metaversan, which was just mentioned, is the platform NFT, right? As a GameFi portal, also entered the NFT field, it will be linked to the function of the platform, with what kind of planning?


Yes, and we named this NFT MetaVersan, which is your first identity representative in the MetaVersus metaverse world.

There are 10,000 Metaversan in total, created by the team of Light Photon and Tamiami. It has freely changeable clothes, skin color, accessories and hair accessories. Along with the development of Metaversus, MetaVersan holders will gradually unlock some novel experiences and gain exclusive access to the latest events or content through rank privileges.

The more important must, Metaversus online, including the subsequent GameFi cooperation, metaversan holders will get NFT airdrop or Token airdrop from the GameFi project side, including the privilege of internal testing, so that Metaversus Genesis users can understand the market at the first time, discover quality games, bring more Play to earn possibilities, and we will provide a detailed explanation and strategy for the cooperative GameFi, which will become the biggest advantage for Metaversus holders.

Of course, around the core function of gameFi, Metaversus also has more privileges, which I divide into several major sections.

Section I: MetaVersus Eco Privileges

1、Interaction rewards: Users can get Versus rewards by participating in likes, retweets, comments and postings in MetaVersus.

2、Staking rewards: Pledge MetaVersan can participate in mining, the specific rules will be announced on the website afterwards.

3、Crypto gift discount: You can enjoy discount for buying Crypto gift in the platform, because SocialFi is also the future development trend, so Crypto gift is also a scene that will be paid a lot of attention.

4、Exclusive domain name: You can set exclusive domain name, we know that currently .ETH domain name is very hot and most of them are already occupied, so this interest is also very friendly for GameFi players.

5、Publishing ads: Project parties can publish their own ads in MetaVersus, so Metaversan will be favored by very many GameFi project parties.

Version 2: Gamefi ecological privileges

1、GameFi airdrop: Holders of Metaversan can get NFT or Token airdrops from the platform’s cooperative projects, which have super value. After all, along with the growth of gameFi, the value of the airdrops obtained will continue to rise.

2、Priority internal test: you can participate in the quality gamefi internal test first, early open Play to Earn

4, IDO quota: enjoy the cooperation GameFi IDO quota, of course, in the regular market, IDO quota is more difficult to obtain, in fact, is not good to distinguish.

5、Lease NFT: get the right to lease NFT, no need to buy NFT can also participate in gamefi, which indirectly reduces the Play threshold.

6, equipment exchange: according to the platform of the aggregation, to achieve the exchange of different GameFi equipment, convenient and fast.

Rights and benefits three: NFT market privileges

1、Fee reduction: The privilege of transaction fee reduction in MetaVersus’ NFT market.

2、Improve the lucky value of blind box: In the process of opening the blind box, improve the probability of winning rare props.

Block 4: Strategy Tools

1、Strategy tools: Use MetaVersus professional game data analysis tools to provide a guarantee for higher game revenue.

2、Free custom strategy: customize gamefi strategy for yourself according to your game preferences, risk tolerance, etc.

3、Free use of game scripts: to obtain scientist-level earnings.

Benefit 5: DAO and plot airdrop

Create DAO community for free and get MetaVersus land airdrop.

You can learn more about it and ask questions about the rights and interests you are more concerned about, and you can get detailed answers for you later.


So Metaversan is based on that public chain casting, how do you get it?


Metaversan will be released on Ethereum, and will open a whitelist Mint on the website on July 10. so whitelist holders will have priority casting rights.

Metaversan is priced at 0.1 ETH, which at this stage is a very good deal, worth only about 100 Usdt, and not as expensive as it would have been if the market had gone up.

And we have taken this into account, and did not use the free method, although that would have been snapped up immediately after the launch, but we prefer to distribute Metaversan to the players who need it more. Therefore a certain threshold was also set for user screening, including those bot users who went to grab free NFT, as this is very unfriendly to Metaversus platform development and Metaversus loyal users.

And, we have prepared 200 whitelists for you in this AMA, if you have more needs, you can contact the administrator and can apply for more places for you, but one address is limited to one whitelist, so we hope more users can participate.


This Metaversan is a great value oh~ you can private message me to sign up for the white list. Okay, so what is the Metaversus ecological plan? What commercial progress has been made so far?


Metaversus mainly focuses on GameFi to create an integrated ecology, including GameFi project parties, players, and game studios and has reached cooperation with dozens of high-quality GameFi, which will be online after the debut of Metaversus, and of course, there are more projects that have been settled, so you can stay tuned and participate in the experience at the first time.

In addition, we maintain good communication with more than ten game studios, and will help Metaversus to carry out relevant game scoring, game strategy and other related contents to fill the gap of GameFi scoring mechanism in the market, and of course, Metaversus team will also set up GameFi research team one after another to analyze in depth and help users to get more quality GameFi opportunities.

In addition, around the GameFi ecology, the platform will adopt DAO+socialFi operation, where users will be rewarded with Versus for posting, interacting and retweeting actions on Metaversus, building a strong social and interactive gathering place for GameFi players.

Versus is the platform’s reward token: it is mainly used to reward positive user behavior. This includes: payment pre-settlement, membership and loyalty programs, membership privileges, content generation rewards, etc.

Moreover, Metaversus adopts a dual Token governance mechanism, META is the platform’s governance token, with a total issue volume of 1 billion, mainly used for MetaVersus eco-governance and settlement, such as MetaDao governance, creation and promotion of DAO, payment and settlement, payment of transaction fees when purchasing digital assets such as NFTs, issuing new games, liquidity A more detailed explanation of the application value will be provided after META is released.

To summarize, the operational level: Metaversus as the core rights of users, with META, VERSUS two ecological fuel, through ecological governance and user incentives to accelerate ecological development.

Market level: Meta versus actively carries out high-quality GameFi and game studio cooperation, linking multiple parties to jointly serve the market and expand influence and quality services.


Many friends in the community are concerned about the next development rhythm of the platform, can you tell our community players about the route planning of MetaVersus?


In the early stage, MetaVersus is mainly a GameFi aggregation portal, focusing on game information, official NFT, analysis columns, etc. We strive to become the preferred platform for gamers in the GameFi field.

And along with the development of the platform, MetaVersus will continue to enrich the construction of Gamefi professional data analysis, strategy tools, game guild exchange and other services related to the construction, and derive various GameFi peripheral services to enrich and improve the platform ecosystem and help optimize the blockchain game ecology.

The specific roadmap is as follows.

2022 Q2

● Launch of MetaVersus Platform 1.0

● Launch of GameFi portal

● Official NFT (Metaversan) launched

● Game strategy function launched

● Passes released

2022 Q3

● Game data dashboard system development

● Versus protocol launched

● Launch of GameFi in-depth column coverage

● Launch of Gold Playing Tool product

2022 Q4

● Deposited more game data for analysis

● Export trend and strategy analysis

● Union asset management system available

● Launch of member loyalty program

2023 Q1

● In-depth game data dashboard development

● Multi-dimensional analysis metrics

● Backtesting system online

● Full version of union SaaS system launched

Of course, we will optimize the development plan and drive the community to participate in the proposal in time according to the specific development of the platform and community feedback.

You can also join Metaversus community and official website through the following links to learn the latest progress of the platform.


Twitter: @metaversusgames


Medium :



Thank you very much, I hope Metaversus will be able to build up its strength in the bear market and break through to detonate the market, then we will start our interactive session, you can ask questions and later we will select a few questions to be answered and give Metaversan whitelist rewards.



MetaVersus - your digital playground as it is built as a One-Stop GameFi application platform.