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1. Host :

The growth of blockchain has given rise to GameFi and a strong money-making game economy. With the rise of cryptocurrency and NFT, playing money-making games is becoming more and more popular. Previously, people paid to play video games, but now, many gamers are choosing GameFi for a more exciting gaming experience and the ability to earn significant rewards while participating

“GameFi” is short for Game Finance, and dates back to November 2019, when we saw a more precise exploration of GameFi in projects like “ CryptoKitties” on the Ethereum network.

Unlike traditional games, GameFi enables players to monetize their gaming experience in two steps — first, through the tokenization of in-game assets and by leveraging the in-game Play to earn economy.

In just two years, GameFi has gone from emerging to exploding, attracting the attention of many users and investment institutions, and hoping to go on to become a normalized economic system by giving back to reality, such as advocating environmental protection and healthy lifestyles through games, which plays a very important role in the future development of GameFi.

Today we have MetaVersus Community Representative: Jack to talk to you and introduce MetaVersus, the One-stop Gamefi application platform. The main function of MetaVersus is to help people to experience GameFi better.

Let’s welcome Jack, who will introduce Metaversus to us, including the goal of building Metaversus.


Well, there are many GameFi projects, but they are facing a serious problem: gameFi is mixed, and many participants can’t distinguish well, so every time you see a GameFi, do you really want to participate in it? And the market lacks GameFi evaluation system, user experience is not guaranteed, and the lack endorsement and brand of the game are not trusted. In fact, this is all they need for players to think very seriously.

Metaversus will also serve as a tool to link players with GameFi projects, providing convenient services, including query tools, NFT market, ranking, cheats, information, and other diversified functions, to create an exchange position for aggregating GameFi players.

And as a GameFi project point of view, how to market and interact with players together to promote more sustainable planning and development of the game is also the current market has been exploring the issue.

That’s why we built Metaversus, a one-stop gameFi platform to help users better participate in gameFi and share their experiences to avoid asset loss caused by blind participation through information, introduction, player interaction, and other diversified ways.

At the same time, Metaversus will also go live with more sections of DeFi and SocialFi to provide players with an immersive and strong social gamefi world with a good experience in socializing, playing, and earning revenue.

2 . Host :

There seems to be no such platform in the market at present, and it is very difficult to find gameFi every time you go there. Such a platform can help players very well, so what are the highlights of Metaversus besides the feature of gameFi portal?


As the most core function, metaversus aggregates many GameFi, where you can conveniently see the popular GameFi in the market, including their introduction, gameplay, tips, and strategies shared by other players, even if you are a GameFi novice or ready to start a brand new GameFi, you can well understand the economic model as well as the gameplay, and even its advantages and risk points to avoid asset loss to the maximum extent.

And metaversus has built numerous features and services around gameFi, including game ranking, game information, and NFT market, if you are a gameFi player, you will really like this way, if you have not tried gameFi, he will also provide you with numerous help, maybe not overnight riches, but we try to help you avoid asset loss. All these features are already in the testing phase and will be opened one after another.

Of course, this is only one of the core services, and we will continue to launch more tools and play methods to bring users a better experience.

This includes GameFi analysis tool, which provides a multi-dimensional analysis function to let players grasp the dynamics in real-time, and of course, NFT rental function, DAO community, Gamefi internal test qualification and IDO quota, etc. This will also serve as an exclusive service for MetaVersus users, and of course, according to our research, these services have very wide market demands.

And, we will launch the first platform NFT, it will serve as the exclusive image of the user in the MetaVersus platform, limited to 10,000, and hold NFT has a wealth of rights and interests, including pledge mining, reduced NFT fees, participation in the article release and interaction rewards, etc., in the early development of the platform this will also be used as the focus of the operation, Metaversus NFT is expected to go live at the end of this month, and will open NFT privileges one after another, bringing users rich rewards, you guys can pay attention to that then.

Of course, if you have more ideas and suggestions, welcome to discuss!

3. Host : For the MetaVersus release of NFT that you mentioned earlier, what does it look like? What design concepts does it have?


This NFT, which we have named MetaVersan, is your first identity representation in the MetaVersus metaverse world, and from then on you will be proud to travel through the metaverse and virtual playground we have created for you. This is the first impression of our MetaVersus world to all players.

Where is your MetaVersan? How is he dressed, what is he thinking, what accessories does he like, and how is he feeling today? As you and I meet for the first time in the Metaversus game world, METAVERSAN will show these questions to your sidekick first.

Users cast their own MetaVersan character and gain their own unique appearance and ability perks in the Metaversus metaverse world.

The MetaVersan is a collection of 10,000 NFTs, fitted with thousands of unparalleled visual features designed by the Metaversus team. metaversan’s clothing, skin color, accessories, and hair accessories are freely changeable, and the locations of the TA will be spread across the globe and the entire known universe.

Excitingly, have you noticed that MetaVersan seems to be a true reflection of you in the Metaversus metaverse, where we show our emotions, hobbies, beliefs, etc. to others without reservation?

As the Metaversus metaverse world continues to grow. Some novel experiences will gradually be opened up to MetaVersan holders, and exclusive access to the latest events or content will be granted through rank privileges.

4. Host: MetaVersus is so cool and there are numerous benefits you can enjoy by holding it, can you tell us more about it.

Jack: Well,MetaVersan holders are entitled to a number of platform benefits, which of course help build a very effective consensus on the platform in the early days.

MetaVersan holders will become MetaVersus platform Genesis users. In summary, I have divided the rights and benefits into 5 major sections to help you better understand.

Benefit 1: MetaVersus ecological privileges

1、 Reward for community activities: Users can earn Versus rewards for their participation in MetaVersus by liking, retweeting, commenting, and posting.

2、Pledge MetaVersan to get a Token: Users can earn extra income while maintaining the status of MetaVersan owner, and the earlier they participate, the better the reward will be.

3、Purchase in-platform gift discounts, buy crypto digital asset gifts in MetaVersus can get preferential prices.

4、Can set exclusive domain name: users can set their own gamefi exclusive domain name to show their body and get the possible appreciation space in the future.

5、Put advertisements: Users or project parties can publish their own advertisements in MetaVersus to promote their personal brands or gamefi projects and gain wider market influence.

Benefit 2: Gamefi ecological privileges

1、NFT airdrop: you can get gamefi NFT airdrop from the platform partner

2、Token airdrop: similar to the above NFT airdrop, users can get gamefi Token airdrop from the platform partners

3、Pre-emptive internal test qualification: users can get the upcoming high-quality gamefi pre-emptive internal test, early opening Play to Earn

4、IDO quota: enjoy the quota of cooperative GameFi IDO, of course, IDO quota is very rare in the regular market.

5、Lease NFT: Get the right to lease NFT, no need to buy NFT can also participate in gamefi, which indirectly reduces the Play threshold.

6, equipment exchange: according to the aggregation of the platform, to achieve the exchange of different GameFi equipment, is convenient and fast.

Benefit 3: NFT market privileges

1、With MetaVersan, you can enjoy the privilege of reduced transaction fees in MetaVersus’ NFT market.

2、Improve the luck value of the blind box, in the process of opening the blind box, the chance of drawing a higher rarity of the blind box will be greatly enhanced.

Benefit 4: Strategy tools

1、You can use the professional game data analysis tools developed by MetaVersus to provide a guarantee for higher game revenue.

2、Free custom setting strategy, customize gamefi strategy for yourself according to your game preference, risk tolerance, etc.

3、Free to use a game script to get scientist-level earnings.

Benefit 5:Users can create DAO communities for free and get MetaVersus land airdrops to build their own homes in the metaverse with a huge upside.

4. Host: Wow, holding METAVERSAN actually has so many benefits, I can’t wait, I hope more friends can successfully grab NFT then. according to the current official website, MetaVersus platform uses a dual token mechanism, can you give us a brief introduction?


MetaVersus ecology contains two types of tokens, META, and VERSUS.

META, with a total issuance of 1 billion, is mainly used for MetaVersus ecological governance and settlement, such as MetaDao governance, creation, and promotion of DAO, payment, and settlement, payment of transaction fees when purchasing digital assets such as NFTs, issuing new games, liquidity mining, etc.

VERSUS is primarily used to reward positive user behavior. These include: payment pre-settlement (for the purchase of premium services and content offered on the platform), membership and loyalty programs, membership privileges (different privileges for different levels of users, for example, premium level members will receive a higher allocation in the initial DAO supply or be able to access new games for the first time), content generation rewards (users can share their ideas, experiences, knowledge or anything in the content creation section related content and receive a reward)

Of course, this time everyone is involved in the first activity, but also the use of VERSUS incentive, the near future will give everyone to complete the airdrop and can be exchanged for META, for trade, but also Metaversus use to enhance the level to get more rewards.

5. Host: Many friends of the community are concerned about the next development of the platform, can you tell our community players about the route planning of MetaVersus

Jack: In the early stage, MetaVersus focuses on GameFi aggregation portal, focusing on game information, official NFT, analysis columns, etc. We strive to become the preferred platform for gamers in the GameFi field.

And along with the development of the platform, MetaVersus will continue to enrich the construction related to Gamefi professional data analysis, strategy tools, game guild exchange, and other services, and derive various GameFi peripheral services to enrich and improve the platform ecosystem and help optimize the blockchain game ecology.

The specific route map is as follows.

Q2 2022

MetaVersus Platform 1.0 launch

GameFi portal available

MetaVersan launch

Gaming Strategies function available

Q3 2022

Gaming Data Dashboard development

Versus protocol Series live

Special column of deep analytics

Gold Farming Tools are available

Q4 2022

Accumulate more game data

Output trend and strategy analysis

Guild Assets Management System live

Member Loyalty Program live

Q1 2023

Go deep into the data dashboard

Multi dimension analytic index

Loopback Testing System available

Full gaming guild SaaS System live

Of course, we will optimize the development plan and drive the community to participate in the proposal in time according to the specific development of the platform and community feedback.

6. Host: What is your understanding of the future development of GameFi and what will be the way metaversus will grow fast and stand out in the market?

Jack: GameFi has a lot of potential for growth and development.

In the future of GameFi, more forms of P2E will be introduced not only in blockchain games but also in traditional games. in the meantime, the forms of P2E will become more diverse and attractive. In addition, the world of metaverse will be formed and developed from there.

GameFi, in our opinion, is the intersection of DeFi and P2E, an indispensable part in presenting a complex meta-universe, and a revolution to the Web2.0 game world, breaking the barriers of traditional games through the free flow of NFT props on the chain. In the future, along with the technological evolution of Layer2 and Sharding, the scalability of GameFi will be greatly enhanced. It is undoubtedly a track full of potential, and we believe that not only the entrepreneurs in the crypto world but also the traditional game development teams will join this wave of decentralized games more and more.

I would like to highlight a few points about how we can keep MetaVersus stand out.

First of all, we have a more advanced and reasonable user incentive mechanism

As I mentioned above, users holding the platform NFT can move 5 major incentive systems, which will concern more NFT enthusiasts as well as top game players in the early stage of platform development. In addition, we have established a perfect ecological governance system through the double token mechanism, which will ensure that the development of MetaVersus and the interests of users are bound to each other, and users will be deeply involved in the governance of the platform.

NFT, Meta and Versus, through rich usage scenarios and interaction events, strictly control the output and destruction of the three assets, which well balances the relationship between the three and empowers the platform development at multiple levels.

Second, we emphasize community-driven

MetaVersus is a platform that emphasizes district-driven, with token rewards to increase user engagement and enrich platform content. MetaVersus uses a revolutionary NFT entitlement and dual-token economic system that nicely combines the advantages of token and NFT, using financial mechanisms and game systems to empower users, creating a truly unique and lasting gamefi service platform, easy to earn gamefi service ecosystem.

Finally, what we created is a one-stop gamefi service platform

MetaVersus provides comprehensive and fast services for gamers. From GameFi information to NFT market, from game one-click participation to review interaction, from forum to cheat, from the game live to professional analysis tools …… help players more convenient and timely Play to earn. let players timely understand GameFi market dynamics, faster access to excellent games, and get better The game is available in a variety of formats.

Here’s the link to Formless’ social media. Follow us, the platform will be in to announce some big news and events, so don’t miss it! Because it will help you discover a lot of quality gameFi at a very early stage.




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