Metaversus builds Gamefi aggregation platform for future web 3 trillion market

5 min readJul 10, 2022


On May 18, 2022, a16z, a top Silicon Valley VC, announced the launch of a $600 million meta-universe gaming fund dedicated to investing in the best founding teams in the gaming industry. Against the backdrop of the current capital winter, a16z launched such a heavyweight fund focused on a certain field, proving the great room for development that the gamefi future market has. Metaversus, which provides aggregation services for global chain game users, undoubtedly occupies a priority position in this potential track by establishing a gamefi portal.

Gamefi market size: from 100 billion to trillion is not a dream

According to Newzoo, the global game market scale reached 180.3 billion dollars in 2021, while the current market scale of GameFi is only 100 billion dollars, accounting for only half of the total game revenue. In the second half of 2021, chain game data grew rapidly, with players growing from 80,000 in early April to 1.33 million in October, an average monthly increase of more than 270%; daily transactions grew from about $500,000 in early April to level of about $544 million in early October, an average monthly increase of more than 181 times. Although the growth of the gamefi segment has slowed down since mid-2022 due to the downward spiral of the overall crypto market, it still gives a glimpse of the endless potential of the GameFi space in the future.

For example, more and more traditional game makers such as Ubisoft, EA, Ncsoft and Gamevil are starting to lay out blockchain, and Microsoft has announced its acquisition of Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion to enter the metaverse. Korean game makers have gone even further, with several companies already combining blockchain with traditional games, including Wemade, Com2u Holdings, Kakao Games, and Neowiz Holdings. As the role of GameFi in promoting traditional games and web3 becomes more and more obvious, there are predictions that gamefi will reach trillions in the next 10 years in the global gaming market as well as in the web3 space.

GameFi is a pioneer in each ecology of web3

GameFi has the three fundamental pillars of Web3: blockchain technology, decentralized attributes and pass-through economic attributes, which can largely simulate the activities and possible problems of users after the implementation of Web3.0. Therefore, gamefi is the first landing board of web3 and is the frontier position.

On the one hand, blockchain games are the best interactive, most informative and immersive way to display content, which can provide interactive content and realize traffic aggregation for Web3. Blockchain games have been developed before other sections of Web3, based on which, the emergence of Metaversus will cultivate users’ experience in gamefi ecosystem more widely and bring more traffic and opportunities to GameFi. On the other hand, after the promotion of Web3.0, Metaversus can prompt more chain games to become the experience version to show and experiment the new functions and models of Web3.0.

Metaversus takes gamefi entrance to serve web3 billion users

Although gamefi plays an important role in the future development of web3, but currently gamefi lacks a platform and portal that can aggregate various functions and services to satisfy chain game players and chain game development teams.

For this reason, Metaversus provides “one-stop” services for global chain game players, including GameFI professional information, chain game analysis tools, NFT market, GameFi asset airdrop and chain game community. Through MetaVersus, users can not only get the latest and most comprehensive gamefi information, but also discuss game strategies and share game tips in the community.

GameFi games will become the biggest funnel opportunity to get new users into web3, and the game guild model will play a huge role in shaping these new communities. Therefore, Metaversus, on the one hand, will target veteran chain game players to screen the best quality games and help them discover excellent blockchain games and NFT crypto asset investment opportunities in the first place, and on the other hand, will join hands with gold playing guilds to jointly lower the threshold for ordinary players to participate in the GameFi project, provide learning opportunities for new players who are starting to play chain games, and try to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 gamers by providing help to try to bridge the gap between them.

Therefore, Metaversus will serve hundreds of millions of users by serving new and old chain game players, chain game guilds and development teams, and attracting various players in the gamefi ecosystem to the Metaversus ecosystem.

METAVERSAN is deeply bound to the platform, and many benefits create a symbiotic mechanism for users

MetaVersus issued the Genesis NFT — METAVERSAN, METAVERSAN is deeply bound to the platform development, an innovative DAO established between the platform and the users, which is a new mechanism of proof of interests, NFT holders and the platform develop together, forming a kind of user & platform symbiosis system.

Users holding METAVERSAN can be rewarded with Versus Token when they participate in likes, retweets, comments and posts on the platform and pledge their NFTs in MetaVersus. Buy crypto digital asset gifts to get preferential prices, and you can set up an exclusive domain name in MetaVersus. Users or project parties can publish their own ads in MetaVersus to promote their personal brands or gamefi projects.

In addition, users holding METAVERSAN can get gamefi NFT airdrops and Token airdrops from platform partners, and can also qualify for pre-emptive internal testing of quality gamefi coming online, as well as get MetaVersus IDO credits, rent NFT, trade-in MetaVersus’ NFT marketplace with reduced fees, and use professional game data analysis tools developed by MetaVersus, free use of game scripts, and even a free piece of Meta land in the future MetaVersus metaverse, among many other benefits.

METAVERSAN will open Mint in the near future at a very affordable price of 0.1ETH. Due to the numerous rights and interests bound, METAVERSAN holders will receive various rewards far beyond this value in the future.

NFT is ready to be the engine of GameFi

VC a16z mentioned in the announcement of the launch of the metaverse gaming fund, “gamefi has driven innovation across the consumer ecosystem, pioneering best-in-class user engagement, retention and monetization mechanisms …… In the long run, we believe gaming infrastructure and technology, will be a metaverse, the web3’s key component.”

Metaversus will certainly lead this era as a gamefi aggregation platform. metaversus provides a window to efficiently experience the web3.0 ecosystem through gamefi for not only gamefi users, but even the entire crypto world at large, and Metaversus will be the engine of the entire gamefi world .



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