The GameFi craze continues with an inventory of several boutique chain games coming online in the near future

4 min readJun 16, 2022


The crypto market has been falling in recent months. But still, more and more money is pouring into the GameFi circuit. Developers are also stepping up their efforts to develop new blockchain games. There are many upcoming chain games that deserve your attention, some of them are very worthy of our expectations, and we recommend three of them as quality chain games below.

1、Yolee Universe

According to the official news, the Online to Earn (O2E) hanging game Yolee Universe will soon complete the IDO platform financing, and in the near future online game card strategy class mode. In addition, Yolee Universe has entered into a partnership with the Bitkeep wallet.

Yolee Universe aims to create a fun-to-earn ecosystem for players. Each Yolee in the game will be a Yolee NFT.

Players use ETH to purchase Yolee NFT to participate in the game.

In the game, players are rewarded with ETH and YUS token. The YUS token earned during the game can participate in community governance and get rewards.

YUS will be required as the primary form of in-game currency. Players will need YUS to pay for level-up, breeding fees. Additionally, the “Yolee Universe Treasury” will eventually buy and burn YUS, making it naturally deflationary as the ecosystem grows.

YUS will eventually provide holders with the opportunity to actively participate in the future directions of the game! The project will slowly and safely shift from an initial “chaperoned” structure to a fully decentralized online game. YUS holders will be able to participate in governance voting in the future as part of an upcoming DAO/DAC, allowing them to shape the future of Yolee Universe.

YUS will eventually present holders with staking rewards when locked in the YUS Staking Dashboard. As holders lock their YUS they will decrease the circulating supply and will be rewarded with additional YUS.

YUS Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Ways for players to obtain YUS: Private Sale, Staking Rewards, Swap , Play to Earn.
Public sale price: 0.0001ETH

Token Distribution: Liquidity Pool(10%), Private Sale(10%), Tenth Group (20%), Staking Rewards(20%), Play To Earn(40%)

Private Sale part: 10% tokens will be unlocked after the YUS listing. The rest will be unlocked over 12 months after 3 months.

Tenth Group part: Tokens will be unlocked over 4 years after 1 year.

2、Infinity Skies Review

Infinity Skies is an upcoming sandbox game whose gameplay relies on four elements: building, socializing, trading, and adventuring. The game is developed by DreamFuel Games.

Infinity Skies is an upcoming sandbox game where the gameplay relies on four elements: Building, Socializing, Trading, and Adventure. The game is under development by DreamFuel Games.

Players are challenged to build castles and islands while collecting rare NFT-based skins, decorations, and building materials. Like every sandbox game, Infinity Skies will feature vast gameplay with an ever-expanding series of actions players can perform.

3、Moonshot Voyage

Developed by the SafeMoon Inu team, Moonshot Voyage is among the first of the meme token projects, with in-house developers creating a gaming experience that’s both fun and rewarding for players.

Moonshot Voyage is a play-to-earn blockchain shooting game that uses Enjin to “breathe utility into its token ($SMI).

Moonshot Voyage is a play-to-earn blockchain shooting game that uses Enjin to “breathe utility into its token ($SMI).

As you play the game, you win various in-game items such as weapons and other useful resources — most importantly, NFTs that you can sell in the market for real value.

If you have an Enjin wallet, get ready to hold as much as $SMI in it as the more $SMI you hold, the better the chances of you winning rare NFTs.

Moonshot Voyage leverages Enjin’s Zero-Fee Jumpnet blockchain to mint NFTs.

In addition, Moonshot Voyage is the first blockchain game on SMI Play, an online gaming platform that lets users play to earn cryptocurrency and blockchain items.

The game enters Alpha/Beta testing in Q4 2021, and players can sign up for closed alpha testing this month. The early access launch of Moonshot Voyage is slated for early 2022.

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